February 10, 2016

How GSB Works

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Cattle are tagged with ISO approved RFID electronic ear tags. The tag is CCIA (Canada), NLIS (Australia) mandated and recommended for use by US state agencies. The tag currently costs about $1.50 each. Each tag has a unique number.

When an animal drinks the tag is automatically read, and partial body weight and data from other sensors is acquired. This is non-invasive measurement causing no stress to the animal. Conversion from partial to full body weight is highly accurate. The system tares automatically. Individual water intake is measured when the animal drinks. Typically one pen will contain one GSB unit with 6 drinking/weighing positions. This configuration can adequately water and measure about 250 animals. The unit is solar powered or can be conventionally powered if available.

Data acquisition in the pen is continuous. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the feedyard computer. GrowSafe software installed on the feedyard computer automatically analyses data. The system reports current individual animal daily body weight and gain, and forecasts future body weight and intake. Health status is profiled based on water intake and behavior, predicted individual animal feed intake, weight and gain.

Software determines performance outliers, and animals requiring treatment. The system determines the optimum time to market each animal when cost of gain begins to exceed value of gain, building optimal truck loads from multiple pens. When an outlier animal or market ready animal is determined, the system visually identifies (spray paints) the animal’s next drinking visit.

At any time, the system can report on operation wide or pen statistics. Data can be reviewed for each individual animal in the pen. Data can be seamlessly integrated into ODBC compliant feedlot databases.