What We Do

Since 1990, GrowSafe Engineers, Computer and Animal Scientists have been building advanced animal agriculture systems.   Every application we design and build is entrenched with a measurable, reliable and scalable scientific advantage that we leverage for our clients providing real economic benefit.

The GrowSafe platform automatically:

  • Measures, collects and transmits data from multiple environmental and biometric sensors and external data sources
  • Monitors individual animal production parameters continuously
  • Mines data using novel algorithms analyzing the large datasets collected
  • Recommends actions to mitigate risk and optimize profit

GrowSafe's patented technology offers a scientifically proven ability to:

  • Continuously and automatically track animals - control inventory
  • Identify sick and poor performing animals - enhance animal well-being
  • Visually identify sick and market ready animals - reduce labor
  • Measure individual animal gain and market value - maximize profits