About Us

GrowSafe Engineers, Computer and Animal Specialists are applying science and technology to improve animal well-being and farm profitability. GrowSafe’s intelligent systems automatically measure bio-metric and environmental inputs in livestock production environments, continuously monitoring individual animal health and performance status. Predictive ‘thinking’ algorithms identify sick and market ready animals triggering mechanisms that visually identify and treat without human intervention. GrowSafe’s patented technology offers a scientifically proven, unprecedented ability in real-time to enhance animal well-being and product safety; reduce labor, maximize profits, mitigate risks; and minimise environmental impact through feed efficient strategies which reduce manure and methane. GrowSafe offers its customers:

GrowSafe product innovation includes:

  • Feed intake acquisition systems.
  • Animal behavior monitoring systems.
  • Pasture supplement feeding system.
  • Cannulated pH data logging systems.
  • Advanced software and database solutions.

GrowSafe offers its customers:

  • Over thirty years of unique RFID development experience.
  • Diverse software programming expertise over many platforms.
  • High speed data acquisition technology development and large dataset analysis.
  • Fully equipped testing company with instrumentation for field and onsite projects.
  • Short run advanced technology manufacturing capability.
  • Professional staff with 5 to 30 years of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering, software design and development experience.

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